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The Coloma Community School district occupies 45 square miles and includes the City of Coloma and portions of Coloma, Bainbridge, Benton, Hagar and Watervliet Townships in Berrien County and a small portion of Covert Township in Van Buren County.
The city of Coloma is located on the west side of Paw Paw Lake. Lake Michigan provides the western boundary of the school district. Today the area is known for its fine orchards and it ranks high in the State of Michigan in the production of peaches, cherries and apples. The Glad-Peach Festival in early August draws thousands of visitors to the community and is one of the largest festivals of its type in the state. The rich farmland supports grape growing which in turn has spawned wineries in the community.
The intermediate building serves 4th and 5th grade (about 150 students). Coloma Community Schools serves a diverse student population with about 72% white, 10% African American, 10% Hispanic, and 8% other. One unique feature of our schools is the presence of our migrant students. Many of our migrant students attend school from September to the end of October and then return in April/May. Most of these migrant students have been in our school district for several years.
Another feature of our schools is our large school-of-choice population. Over 20% of the students that attend our schools live outside the district boundaries and choose to attend for various reasons. With our diverse student and large school-of-choice population, our high school graduation rates remain high (over 90%) and have been increasing annually.