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JH Choir @ CIS

The Junior High choir presented to our 4th and 5th graders on Friday. This was a beautiful concert and a great opportunity for us to see the amazing talent we have at CCS.

5th Grade Randall Park Trip

Our fifth graders will be heading to Randall Park on Thursday, May 26th. Contact your child's teacher for additional information.

4th Grade John Ball Zoo Trip

Our fourth graders will be heading to John Ball Zoo on Tuesday, June 7th. Contact your child's teacher if you need additional information.

ABC57 5th Grade News

On Wednesday, our fifth graders will be heading over to the Junior High to see what's in store for them next year and reflect on Mrs. Tremblay's and Ms. Wyatt's presentation from last week. Check out ABC57s broadcast of our transition process at CCS.

5th Grade Round Up

On Wednesday and Friday of last week, Mrs. Tremblay and Ms. Wyatt met with the 5th graders to share what it will be like as they enter the Junior High next year. The students listened as they learned about the class options, lunches, and lots more. Next up will be a tour of the Junior High before the end of the year.

WSBT22 News Coloma Intermediate Handmade Pillows

Mrs. Streu's class experienced some hands-on learning last week as they prepared for Mother's Day. Each student had the opportunity to make a handmade pillow. To end the week, several of the students were able to share their experience and why they appreciate the loved ones in their lives on WSBT22 News.

5th Grade MSTEP

5th Grade Science and Social Studies MSTEP
Tuesday, May 10th Science
Thursday, May 12th Social Studies
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